Why I Started Selling On eBay

Why I Started...

I started selling on eBay back in May 2006. If I remember correctly I think I listed a few items and the one that sold was a little girls dress. Then I just I stopped selling online (not sure why, probably just got caught up with life). Fast forward to the summer of 2012. I started selling again because I was not working and needed to bring in some additional income. I am still doing it now but started to slack off. I realized that I have a “get rich quick” mentality and when the sales are not coming in fast and furious I get upset and give up. However, I am learning about commitment and consistency when it comes to business (more on that later). So here we go again but with a different mindset to do this thing right! As I am growing this business I realized that this is a definite online business option for moms like me who have cannot work outside the home and quite a few children (5 to be exact) but still want to make money from home online. So here are a couple of reasons why you should give this a try:

1. It’s simple to start.

Once you set up your email, Paypal and eBay accounts you are good to go! There is tons of articles on how to open each of these accounts. I will say that the process to get started is very easy. Pay special attention to the limitations and requirements on your accounts when you first sign up. After you take care of this you can focus on listing your items. Once you find your rhythm with listing you will be amazed at how simple this business model can be compared to other businesses.

2. It’s convenient.

You can work this business on your own time schedule. So if you want to list after the kids go to bed, go right ahead (like my rhyme?)! However, knowing the best days and time to sell are important. But you have some control over the start and end times of your listings. So you are not punching a time clock! For example, I can take pictures of all of my items and write up the listing descriptions while the kids are playing or watching a TV show, fulfill my “wifey” and “mommy” duties, then come back later that evening and list all of my items for sale. Being online offers a time flexibility that many working moms only dream about…and since I am currently working full time I know this first hand!

3. It makes earning an income online possible!

I have been searching for a business that I can call my own for YEARS (literally)!! Recently I wrote down what my “ideal business” would look like – and I suggest you do the same. Here are a couple of things I am looking for:

  • I need to be able to do it from home majority of the time
  • Flexible schedule (I can work the business at 3am if I need to!)
  • A real and legitimate opportunity to earn an income online
  • I have to enjoy doing it!

Ebay meets this criteria. I love selling items that I know people (particularly moms) can use and I am able to make a nice income from it. And hearing the “cha-ching!” sound on my phone while receiving an email that states, “Congratulations! You made a sale!” is like a drug…it’s addictive and makes you want to keep getting that feeling over and over again! I always tell people I know that once you make your first sale you are hooked!

 4. You learn so much.Because I am determined to make this work I am learning a LOT of valuable information. I have read books, purchased webinars, and joined online/FB groups. And most of the information I have learned I can apply to other businesses as well as my personal life. Things are always changing, so you have to educate yourself as much as possible so you are better prepared to handle it. Knowledge is power MONEY!!

 5. It’s fun!I have met so many wonderful (and a couple of not-so-wonderful) people while being online. I know I am not the only mom longing for adult conversation! : ) Anyway, selling online has given me the opportunity to connect with other moms in ways I could only imagine. I hope to meet many more by sharing what I learn with the world.

So don’t be scared! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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